Gio Moros, with 15 years of experience, began his professional history pursuing a degree in Architecture at the university, upon completion this stage begins to work in the French transnational L'Oreal a subsidiary of Venezuela in the city of Caracas, during this stage held several positions in different commercial areas, marketing and education where he awakens and reaffirms his passion for fashion and beauty, Gio says that L'Oreal was his great university because here learned a second profession that gave him the opportunity to develop a great professional career in which he has had great success.

In 2014 he moved to the city of Miami, where he has consolidated his career and has added successes to his profession since his arrival has worked as a colorist and integral stylish as well begins to position itself among the best colorists in the city where currently has high recognition and a broad portfolio of clients who request their services in their localized beauty studio in the heart of the city of Miami.

In 2014, in parallel with his work as a colorist, he began to lend his freelance service as a makeup artist at Univisión-Miami with different local celebrities, in 2015 he started to work in Telemundo/NBC where, in addition to working as a makeup artista and stylist manages to be a talent linked to the local station with a segment of fashion and beauty broadcast on the news and the program "Total Access" where topics of interest trends are developed for today's woman, a feature that continues to be broadcast at the moment.

In 2016 Gio Moros joins the Staff of the "Hispanic Media" where he currently holds the position of director of fashion and styling for Etylo magazine and is at the forefront of all the productions of this magazine with headquarters in the city of Miami, this platform has allowed Gio to work hand in hand with big celebrities and influential figures in the community Hispanic from the United States.

Likewise, Gio Moros Miami has a team led by Gio Moros offers makeup and hairstyle services for brides and relatives positioned among the best services for brides in the town.

Gio Moros Miami currently has a large family of followers on Instagram, where he has excellent exposure in the The United States and different countries of Latin America.


Gio Moros

Master hairstyling and makeup artist

Ruby Moros

Hairstyling and makeup artist

Carlos Linares

Operation Manager